What is home automation?

long range radio control system

Home automation, what a vulgar word!!

I’m not going to use the definitions from wikipedia or otherwise you’ve probably already read them!!

But the fact remains that I am often asked the question, “you work in the field of home automation, but in reality what is the point?

Then I’ll try to answer you:

Home automation includes everything that is automatic, electrical in the house. We are talking about accessories such as gate drives, shutters, intercom, alarms… But it is more than it.

People often say to me “anyway, home automation is expensive and useless”, “home automation is a gadget…” Then I would answer yes and no. It is expensive if you take equipment not adapted to your needs. In this case you will not make your investment profitable or in the very long term. Gadget? Yes we find a lot of gadgets, but if we do the sorting we find really useful or even essential accessories.

In recent years home automation has undergone a great revolution:

-Wireless switchover has become more and more stable and complete

-More users resulting in lower tariffs

-Simplicity of installation. Do it yourself. With of course always the after sale service which will advise you and especially possibility of installation by our care.

-The creation of alliance of Manufacturer: Which makes it possible to standardize the protocols of communications and especially to widen the number of peripherals and especially to make your material permanently produced, that is to say that it will always be compatible.

What is the use of home automation?

If you are well advised, that you do not go there heads down, the domotics is profitable.

Concrete example:

Personally, I am in a rented house with a gas boiler for heating and hot water. ARRF DU GAZ!! With these rates to straighten arm hair and melt the bank account. Quickly a solution because January 2012 the invoice amounts to 90€/month.

Installation of a Zibase and an actuator for the boiler + temperature measurement. Cost of the operation: 479€.

Result: despite the increase in the price of gas in the meantime, today our bill is 40€/month. Savings 50€/month. That is in one year 50*12=600€ Ouah!!! I made the equipment profitable in less than a year and I also have a history of temperature measurements and boiler consumption. While use is not optimized.

The home automation can be used to make you make savings still differently, by managing the lighting for example, led bulb or low consumption, module behind a switch and hop. Your switch always works the same except in addition you have the variation of light and the possibility to turn it off automatically in case of absence in a room.

Home automation is not only a central or box home automation to manage your habitat. It’s also small accessories like lightning arrester sockets that will protect your multimedia, but above all will recognize the press of the standby button on your long range radio control system in order to cut the power to all your multimedia. No more TVs and appliances that stay in standby.

Another point is safety. By March 2015 smoke detectors will be mandatory. Of course there are large area sensors. But why not take it a step further by connecting it to a home automation system.

That’s right!! If you are absent, on vacation, at work or other and your smoke detector goes off, it may be good to receive an alert, especially if you have children who are alone at home. Why not also automatically open the shutters and turn on the lights to facilitate evacuation… Or even have an alert in case of low battery. (Yes the batteries are always empty on Sundays…….).

I hope that I have managed to clarify some points to best define what home automation is.

To conclude, I will say that big budget home automation is great but we can quickly fall into excessive gadgets. To use correctly, even at low budget one can make profitable the material of domotics in a few months. And why not with the money saved, increase comfort with accessories such as gate drives, shutters, multimedia etc….

What is RF remote?

An RF remote control is a remote device that uses radio signals for controlling various institutions in the distance. These signals are received by remote receiving equipment, you can command or drive a variety of other corresponding mechanical or electronic equipment, to complete a variety of operations, such as a circuit, move the handle, the motor, and then the necessary operation of these machines. As a kind of remote control with the infrared remote controller, it has been widely used in the field of the garage door, Electric door, Road gate, burglar alarm, industrial control and wireless intelligent home.

RF remote

The common transmitting and receiving module SR9915 commonly used radio remote control system to transmit and receive two parts generally. The launch section is generally divided into two types, remote control and launch module, remote control and remote control module is for the use of the way, remote control can be used as a complete machine to the independent use of the external line has wiring pile head, and the remote control module in the circuit when a component to use, according to its pin definition to apply.

The advantage of using the remote control module is that it can be seamlessly connected with the application circuit, small size, low price, make the most of the use, but users must really understand the circuit principle, otherwise, it is convenient to use remote control.

The RF receiver part is generally divided into two types, namely super-heterodyne and a super regenerative receiving mode, super regenerative demodulation circuit is also called the super regenerative detection circuit, it is actually working in the intermittent oscillation state of the regenerative detection circuit. Super-heterodyne demodulation Circuit is the same as the Super-heterodyne radio, it is to set a machine oscillation circuit generated an oscillation signal, and received the carrier signal mixing, get if (generally 465 kHz) signal, by medium-frequency amplification and detection, to extract data signals. Because the load frequency is fixed, the circuit is simpler than the radio.

Super-heterodyne-Type receiver stable, high sensitivity, anti-interference ability is also relatively good: super-regenerative type of receiver small size, cheap.

RF remote control commonly used carrier frequency of 315mHz or 433mHz, the remote control is the state-defined open band, in this band, the launch power is less than 10mW, coverage less than 100m or not more than the scope of the unit, you cannot go through the “Radio Management Committee” approval and free to use. Europe and the United States and other countries to provide 433 MHz, so exports to the above countries should use the 433MHZ remote control.

RF remote control commonly used coding methods are two types, that is, fixed code and rolling code, the rolling code is fixed code upgrades products, at present, where there are confidentiality requirements of the occasion, use the rolling code.

The following are the advantages of rolling code encoding:1.The security type is strong after each launch automatically replaces the code, the other person cannot use “the coder” obtains the address code. 2.Large coding capacity, the number of address code is greater than 100,000 groups, the use of “coincident” probability is very small. 3.Pairing code is easy, scrolling code has learning storage function, no need to use a soldering iron can be in the user site on the code, and a receiver can learn as many as 14 different transmitters, in the use of a high degree of flexibility. 4.Error code probability small, due to the advantages of coding, so that the receiver in the absence of the local code when the error action is almost 0. The fixed code has an encoded capacity of only 6,561, coincident probability is great, its encoded value can be seen through solder joint, or in the use of the field “Detection encoder “to obtain, so do not have confidentiality, mainly used for low confidentiality requirements of the occasion, because of its low price so also get a lot of applications.

Infrared remote control and wireless remote control are different to carry Polay said, infrared remote control is the use of infrared radiation to transmit the signal, it is characterized by directional, cannot be blocked, distance is generally not more than 7 meters, not by electromagnetic interference, TV remote control is infrared remote control; It is characterized by no directionality, cannot be “face-to-face” control, distance (up to dozens of meters, or even several kilometers), vulnerable to electromagnetic interference.

The use of RF remote is easier to solve in areas where there is a need for long-range penetration or no directional control, such as industrial control, etc.